Odoekwu Deborah

Odoekwu Deborah shows

Name: Odoekwu Deborah Chikwesiriotito
Date of Birth; 18th of March
State of Origin: Imo state
Nationality: Nigerian
Languages: I speak the English language fluently with a bit of French and Igbo


Well, I love making legit money and working out but in addition, I sing, I listen to music, I write, I talk. My favourite part of talking is switching accents (gives me so much happiness doing it and spices up the conversation, you know).
I love movies too (Netflix and chill). I would have loved swimming if only I did know how to. Sad right? No. Oh yes! Did I mention that I found a new hobby? Okay here goes…I love talking to and with children; I never understood how much wisdom they have. They see the world through a wider window space. Kids are very interesting. Well, till they yank off your wig in public.

Turn-Offs: Lies and dishonesty, laziness, procrastination (don’t even go there!), irrelevant discussions, over-stretching boundaries, nosiness,
What led you into broadcasting? I went into broadcasting because of the need to help solve problems by voicing them out.  It feels good and fulfilling to know that society is taking a positive turn because of one’s words on air.

I decided to go into it in order to build myself towards becoming a policy maker in Nigeria because no matter what growth is necessary. I decided to venture into broadcasting once I was sure I was ready and willing to render service to humanity.

Life Aspirations:

Well, aside broadcasting, I have a thing for fashion and beauty. Therefore, I aspire to be a beauty brand to be reckoned with, worldwide. Plus, I would start an NGO that would benefit those living below the poverty line for genuine reasons because as it also says in the Bible, the poor will always be among us. In other words, I would start a genuine NGO aimed at poverty reduction in Nigeria. There’s so much joy I derive from helping people as much as I can. Lastly, my aspiration in life is to be really, truly happy and share that gift with the world.

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